Space Vision

Space Vision is a 3D viewer for the Nissan Suppliers.

Space Vision is equipped with specific features which support to the suppliers who are dealing with Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. It is a viewer with function display of CAD data, clearance checks and two-dimensional cross-section display.

Key Features

  • 1
    Specific display function for Nissan suppliers
  • 2
    Can display (3D dimension, note) of the PMI added by Nissan Motor Co.,
  • 3
    Support for plotter output HPGL

Key Features

Space Vision allows the appearance check and layout study examination of assembly parts while effective with digital mock-up design reviews. In addition allows to make layout change of parts, interference and clearance check by using the edit function.

Space Vision leverage data format
Input: VRLM (.Wrl), STL (.Stl), HPGL (.Hpgl), IDI (.Idi), bin (.Bin, .tria), JT (.Jt)
Output: DRG (.Drg), PCS (.Pcs), Bitmap (.Bmp), JPEG (.Jpg), bin (.Bin), JT (.Jt)