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Hitachi JP1 (Job Management Partner 1)

JP1 (Job Management Partner 1)

Hitachi Job Management Partner 1 (JP1) is an industry-leading software package for systems management. It’s suite of integrated system management solutions that simplifies business processes and enhances operational effectiveness. JP1 solutions can seamlessly integrate processes so that you can manage your business as one synchronized entity. While Increasing both Automation & Productivity this will support multiple OS platforms. Thus increased productivity while reduced TCO and more stringent your systems security

Data Transfer



HULFT is middleware that performs various functions based on the TCP/IP protocol, including file transfer, between platforms connected to each other via a network. It can be used for platforms connected via LAN.
The introduction of HULFT allows companies to exchange data securely and easily between machines using different code systems and file systems. 
It also offers a smooth shift from centralized processing based on mainframe computers to decentralized processing based on open systems and allows smooth data exchanges between networks.