Cloud Solution


AWS (Amazon Web Service)

The World’s No. 1 cloud server

Why don’t you quit bothering from managing your server? It can realize cloud computing with peace of mind and comfort!

We provide AWS services such as implementation support and billing services to Thai companies. This service has already been introduced in various industries. If you are thinking of Cloud system development, please contact MAT.

MAT AWS Provided Service

Experienced AWS certified engineers strongly support you.

  • Implementation Support
  • Build an AWS system
  • Operation support
  • System monitoring
  • Billing agent service
  • Fixed monthly fee

With AWS

  • You can start with a small initial cost
  • It is possible to add new applications and functions in stages
  • Includes hardware maintenance
  • No need for server room or air conditioning
  • Extremely low downtime
  • Save important data in multiple locations
  • Access operations from outside or multiple locations are available

Please contact us for pricing and service details.

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App creation platform

It is a cloud service for the enterprises that you can make original business apps by yourself as much as you want.

Even if you don’t have IT skills, you can intuitively create business apps and share them with your team. It also has a function as an in-house SNS function that activates the connections among the employees. So the internal information can be shared quickly. Kintone is used by 10,000 companies around the world. It is introduced and supported by MAT in Thailand since 2014. Many Japanese companies are using it as a groupware.

Case study of Kintone

With Kintone

  • You can use a bunch of templates soon after introducing regardless of industry.
  • Anyone can easily create an application
  • Compatible with smartphones as well as PCs
  • Cloud makes possible to manage not only in Bangkok and local bases such as Sri Racha, Prachin Buri, but also across the multiple countries.
  • The app is applicable with Thai language as well.
  • Capacity 5 GB /user

  • minimum 5user

  • Maximum number of APPs 900

Application example

  • Opportunity management
  • Business management
  • Workflow
  • File management
  • Progress management
  • FAQ
  • Sales management
  • Replace Excel File
  • Order management
  • Recruitment management
  • Remote work
  • Daily reports

kintone is products of Cybozu,Inc. in Japan. Since 2005, MAT has been the only partner with Cybozu for the sales promotions of products and those technical support in Thailand. Due to our steady efforts, we achieved the CYBOZU Global Award in 2018 2020 2021 and 2022.

Please contact us for pricing and service details.

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