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Business software such as “accounting system”, “fixed asset management”, “personnel and payroll system”, “production management system”, “production scheduler” , “ERP” necessary for corporate activities. MAT is utilizing the experience in Thailand since 1992 to support the system in Japanese, Thai, and English language. Please contact us all about business system inquiries.

mcframe CS (ERP-Production Control System)

The mcframe CS series is a production management package for the Japanese manufacturing industry that can defeat the world competitors. It covers a wide range of core operations such as “sales management,” “production management,” and “cost management.“ mcframe which has been selected by over 500 companies around the world makes you feel safe.

With mcframe CS(ERP)

  • Before proposing the quotation, MAT holds the interviews with each department such as “sales”, “production control”, “purchasing”, “warehouse”, “quality control“ first. Then we consider the existing forms to estimate the brief package cost, installation support cost, maintenance cost and customization cost at last. You can budget with confidence based on a highly accurate quote.
  • Introducing inventory management system first, then able to add lot management system and cost management system later. It is a modular package. It can be introduced in stage by stage.
  • The forms and screen introduction results can be output in CSV (Excel), customers can easily create management forms.

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mcframe GA (ERP-Accounting system)

“mcframe GA” is a global business management solution that can centrally integrate all accounting data in various forms used for business processing such as accounting/sales of overseas bases included in a corporate group. . MAT has been fully supporting the sales of mcframe GA’s which is the upgrade version of A.S.I.A. since 1997 in Thailand. We will support you with a long experience. *Since October 2017, “A.S.I.A.” was changed to ” mcframe GA”.

mcframe GA

With mcframe GA(ERP)

  • 【 Overseas correspondence 】
    It supports multiple languages, and the administrator can use it in Japanese, and the local staff can use it in Thai or English screen. You can register unlimited currencies and it supports monthly exchange profit and loss. In addition, we have prepared standard forms for revenue department such as VAT in Thailand.
  • 【 Cloud compatible 】
    Since it is compatible with the cloud, it is possible to use the same server from multiple countries and observe business in Thailand from Japan in real time.
  • 【Easy to use】
    The ledger sheets and data results can be output in CSV (Excel), customers can easily create new ledge sheets. We will also release the database upon a request.
  • 【Implementation/Support 】
    Depending on the customer’s request, we will support the implementation in “Japanese” “Thai” and “English“ versions.

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EZDP V3 (Fixed assets management)


With EZDP V3

  • It supports flexible depreciation calculation for use all over the world.
  • Multi-company, multi-layer, multi-currency, multi-language that is easy to use overseas.
  • It is a web application system. You only install this system on the server.
  • It is able to respond with any changes in calculation during depreciation due to the revision of accounting rules.
  • It is possible to grant access permission for each user and deal with the internal control.

  • We have started to offer an Trail License of our fixed asset management solution “EZDP V3”.
    These trail license allow you to experience the latest functions and features of our fixed asset management system “EZDP V3”.
    If you are having trouble with asset management, please evaluation the our solution via trail license and study before purchase. The Trail License is valid for 60 days and the you could register up to 500 assets.
    Please feel free to submit your request from the banner below if you would like to get to know “EZDP V3”.

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We support not only salary calculation but also all personnel salaries such as each employee’s history, welfare, recruitment and assessment. Not only PC but also smartphone is supported, and it is possible to manage attendance of direct return employees. It is a software created in Thailand. It includes Thai original know-how a lot.


Leave/overtime application







With Biosoft

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Opcenter APS (Production scheduler)

Opcenter APS is a planning and scheduling solution that has been sold/introduced mainly in Europe for about 30 years by former developer company Preactor International. It contributes to the improvement of productivity for many companies from Mercedes-Benz High Performance Engines Ltd. to large and SME companies. From long-term strategic planning to detailed date and time scheduling, Opcenter APS handles everything.

With Opcenter APS

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