(Post Event) Opcenter APS Seminar

MAT is pleased to share the success of our recent seminar on “Revolutionizing Manufacturing Efficiency by Smart Planning and Scheduling with Opcenter APS,” held on May 10, 2024. This event focused on utilizing Opcenter APS to enhance production efficiency.


The seminar was a collaborative effort between Material Automation (Thailand) Co., Ltd., as an authorized distributor, and Siemens Limited, a leading provider of engineering services and technology development for global businesses.

We extend our gratitude to everyone involved for their full cooperation in fostering understanding of manufacturing innovation and sharing insights into industry challenges with seminar attendees. Your contributions have been instrumental in informing business decisions aimed at sustainable growth.


We also thank all participants for their interest and collaboration, which greatly contributed to the success of this event.

MAT is committed to delivering the best solutions to support the development and growth of the manufacturing industry in Thailand moving forward.