Privacy Policy – Detail


Privacy Policy – Details
Material Automation (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter called “MAT”)
Last Updated as of May 31, 2022

As your privacy and safeguarding of personal data (“Personal data”) is important to MAT, MAT provides this policy explaining the practices, details of collecting, using, disclosing, and/or destroying Personal Data and strict measures to protect your Personal Data handled by MAT, including your legal rights to send the request to MAT regarding your Personal Data. Therefore, you can be assured that your Personal Data entrusted to MAT will be processed in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act B.E.2562 (2019), including any laws and/or regulations related to or imposed by the relevant Act.

Unless otherwise defined in this policy, words and expressions shall have the meanings set forth:

1.“Personal Data” means any information relating to a person, which enable to identify a person, whether direct or indirect, but not including the information of the deceased persons.

2.“Sensitive Personal Data” means a Personal Data that is especially protected by law because it can seriously impact the rights and freedoms of the Data Subject if it is collected, used, and disclosed without permission.

3.“Data Subject” means an identified or identifiable natural person.

4.“Data Controller” means a person/ a juristic person having the power and duties to make decisions regarding the processing of the Personal Data.

5.“Data Processor” means a person/ a juristic person who operates in relation to the processing, the collection, use, or disclosure of the of the Personal Data pursuant to the orders given by/ on behalf of Data Controller.

6.“Data Protection Officer” (DPO) means the working group who is appointed by the President of the Company and President of the company responsible to compliance with the Act, directly report to Personal Data Protection Commission when breach occurs.

7. “Personal Data Protection Commission” (PDPC) means the authority in charge of the duties and authorities to govern and issue measures or provides any other guidance as prescribed by the Act.

8.“Legal Basis” means exception granted by the Law, allows Data Controller has legal right to process the Personal Data, which MAT has identified in conjunction with the specific purpose provided in Article 3 herein.


1.What is the purpose of this Policy?

2.What sources of Personal Data that MAT collects?

3.What type of Personal Data does MAT collect, use and/or disclose?

4.What are the purposes and legal basis of collecting, using and/or disclosing your Personal data?

5.To whom may MAT disclose your Personal Data?

6.Will MAT send or transfer your Personal Data to other countries?

7.How long does MAT retain your Personal Data?

8.How does MAT protect your Personal Data?

9.Accuracy of Personal Data

10.What are your rights regarding Personal Data?

11.Will MAT collect the cookies?

12.How can you contact MAT and the Data Protection Officer?

1.What is the purpose of this Policy?
This Policy is to inform you, as a data subject, on the purposes and details of the collection, usage and/or disclosure of your Personal Data as well as your legal rights in connection with Personal Data.

2.What sources of Personal Data that MAT collects?

2.1 Personal Data, which you give directly to or through MAT, or available to MAT by your request on products and/or services supporting, or proposing, or by your use on contact, visit, website, call center, assigned person.

2.2 Personal Data received or accessed by us from other sources, indirectly from you. For example, publicly available information, government entities, and business partners, where MAT will collect data from other sources only when necessary and you have given your express consent unless where necessary required by MAT or permissible by legal basis.

3.What type of Personal Data does MAT collect, use and/or disclose?

3.1 Personal information
Which arename, surname, age, date of birth, national identification number, passport number, image, the CCTV record, license plate;

3.2 Contact information
Which are home address, workplace address, telephone number, E-mail, LINE account ID, Facebook account ID;

3.3 Financial information
Which are bank account numbers, bank account name;

3.4 Information relating to office equipment
Which are IP address, MAC address, Computer traffic data;

3.5 Other information required for MAT business
Which are website-visiting data, voice, picture, moving picture, financial information, databases entrusted to MAT for providing system services and deemed personal data under the Personal Data Protection Act.

3.6 Sensitive data
Which are nationality, religion, and sensitive data contained in a database entrusted to MAT for system implementation or use for improvement services, in the event of a problem occurred.

4. What are the purposes and legal basis of collecting, using and/or disclosing your Personal Data?
MAT will collect, use , and/or disclose your Personal Data only for necessary under legal basis, specified in this Policy, as follows;

4.1 In cases that it is necessary for the execution of the Data Subject’s request prior entering into the contract or to perform any obligations of the contract.

4.1.1 In order to verify the qualification, verify the status of the legal entity, , verify the accuracy of the information, proof and verify the identity of the person before entering into the purchase agreement, service agreement, lease agreement, contractor agreement, and other agreements related to the Company’s business operations.

4.1.2 For entering into a contract with you or to perform a legal obligation.

4.1.3 For collection, use, and/or disclosure of Personal Data of directors, agents, and business partners who are juristic persons.

4.1.4 For providing services relating to the use of the product, including hardware, software, and IT solutions.

4.1.5 For taking necessary steps, such as;
(a) Delivering the hardware parts;
(b) Providing the software developments and implementation;
(c) Providing the training class on the products;
(d) Solving malfunction and/or providing the counsel through call-support, remote support and on-site support;
(e) Backing up data in the system to prevent data, which is related to service, loss;
(f) Other purposes necessary under specified in the Agreements;
(g) Receive – deliver business documents and/or parcels.

4.1.6 For collecting the product and/or service fee under the payment terms agreed by you and MAT;

4.1.7 For contacting to send prizes, in case you are a participant of any activities with MAT.

4.2 In case that it is necessary to comply with relevant lawand other applicable laws to which MAT is subject to comply with, including regulations and rules issued pursuant to such laws.

4.2.1 Disclosure of your Personal Data in the event receiving a request from a government entity.

4.2.2 Prevent, respond, and mitigate potential risks with cyberattacks, stop paying debt, breach of contract, violations of the law (such as intellectual property trade secret and offenses against property, life, liberty or reputation).

4.2.3 Collect your Personal Data after the contract is expired, as an evidence of establishment, compliance, objection, or any action taken in relation to legal claims, or retrospective tax investigations.

4.3 In case that it is necessary to act in the legitimate interests of MAT or other individual or juristic person, which are not overriding your reasonable expectations, for instance,

4.3.1 to maintain the business relationships; such as customer support by MAT’s staff, notification or offer on any products and/or services of the same types you are using for your benefits etc.

4.3.2 to provide the convenience, such as providing parking area when visiting MAT’s office;

4.3.3 to manage risks, monitor, manage within organization, such as CCTV record etc.

4.4 In case of obtaining your explicit consent:

4.4.1 to contact or record voices and/or photos, during the meetings, trainings, seminars, or booth events;

4.4.2 Contact to offer you a new product or IT solution service.

5.To whom may MAT disclose your Personal Data?
MAT may disclose your Personal Data to third parties only to the extent necessary and permissible under your consent or legal basis. The persons or entities receiving such data will collect, use, and/or disclose the Personal Data to the extent necessary and permissible under your consent or related to this Policy as the following details;

5.1 Outsources/ Suppliers for the purposes of providing, developing and delivery service and/or products to you;
5.2 Building agent for the purposes of providing the convenience for your visit;
5.3 Government authority for the purposes of tax payment, lawsuit regarding breach of contractual, custom in relation with products;
5.4 External auditors for the purposes of checking and making the financial statement;
5.5 Affiliated companies, parent company for the purposes specified in the agreement or written consent.
5.6 Subcontractors of MAT for service support, data storage and backup, such as cloud service providers or document storage providers, etc.

6. Will MAT send or transfer your Personal Data to other countries?
When it is necessary, MAT may send or transfer your Personal Data to the parent company/ affiliated company located in other countries, which are Japan or to other service providers which is subject to the contractual of MAT.

If the receiving countries do not maintain adequate standard levels, MAT will ensure that the sending and the transferring is following legal requirements and will put in place the Personal Data protection measures as necessary and appropriate. For instance, entering into confidentiality agreement with receivers in such country.

7. How long does MAT retain your Personal Data?
MAT will retain your Personal Data for as long as necessary during the period you are under business relationship with MAT (e.g. customer or supplier), or for as long as necessary in connection with the purposes set out in this Policy, unless law requires or permits longer retention period. For instance, retention pursuant to Revenue Code, retention for proving and examining in the event of dispute within legal prescription period of not over 10 years, or as long as necessary.

MAT will ensure to erase, destroy, or anonymize your Personal Data when it is no longer necessary.

8. How does MAT protect your Personal Data?
For storage of your Personal Data, MAT implements the information technology measures, including limiting access to Personal Data to those who are involved and require that Personal Data, to ensure suitable and appropriate security in the Personal Data processing and preventing Personal Data breach. MAT has set out internal rules to prevent data receivers from using or disclosing the data over the purposes or without authorization or unlawful and MAT has amended the rules as frequently as necessary and appropriate regarding the update technology and government regulations.

Moreover, MAT’s employees, outsources and data receivers are obligated to keep the Personal Data in confidence pursuant to confidentiality measure provided by MAT.

9. Accuracy of Personal Data
MAT will ensure the accuracy of your Personal Data that the collected Personal Data is accurate, complete and up to date. In case that you wish to rectify your Personal Data, you may exercise the right to rectify as set out in 10.7. The rectification will become valid only after verification of authenticity under the specified procedure.

10. What are your rights regarding Personal Data?
Your rights described in the following are legal rights that you may exercise any of these rights within legal requirements and policies at the present or as amended in the future as well as procedure set out by MAT. In case you are under 20 years old/ being incompetent person/ being quasi-incompetent person, your legal contractual capacity is restricted, your father and mother, guardian or representative may request to exercise the rights on your behalf.

10.1 Withdrawal of consent: If you have given consent to MAT to collect, use and/or disclose your Personal Data (whether before or after the effective date of the Personal Data Protection Act), you have the right to withdraw such consent at any time, unless it is restricted by laws or you are still under business relationship with MAT (e.g. the contract). Withdrawal of your consent may affect your benefits or convenience related to the products and/or services supports. For example, you may not receive the promotions or new offers, products and/or services that are useful and consistent with your needs.

10.2 Data Access: You have the right to access your Personal Data that is under MAT’s responsibility as well as request a copy of such data for you. In the case of you did not provide such data to MAT directly, you also have the right to request MAT revealing the resource of your Personal Data.

10.3 Data Portability: You have the right to obtain your Personal Data, unless not technically feasible, (i) if MAT organizes such Personal Data in automatic machine-readable or usable format and can be processed or disclosed by automatic means, MAT will send or transfer such Personal Data directly to other Data Controllers, (ii) MAT will send or transfer such Personal Data directly to you.

10.4 Objection: You have the right to object to collection, usage and/or disclosure of your Personal Data at any time, unless such doing is excepted from the given consent and it is conducted for legitimate interests of MAT, corporation or individual, which is subject to your reasonable expectation, or for carrying out public tasks. In case that you request to object, MAT will continue collecting, using and/or disclosing your Personal Data only, when (i) MAT’s legal basis is more important than your fundamental rights, (ii) to affirm legal rights, (iii) to comply with laws, (iv) to defend a legal proceeding, depending on a case-by-case basis. In the meanwhile, MAT will separate your Personal Data clearly from the other data. In addition, you have the right to object to collection, use and/or disclosure of your Personal Data carried out for purposes related to marketing, scientific, historical or statistical research.

10.5 Data Erasure or Destruction: You have the right to request MAT to erase, destroy or anonymize your Personal Data if you believe that the collection, use and/or disclosure of your Personal Data is against relevant laws, or the such data is no longer necessary in connection with related purposes under this Policy, or when you request to withdraw your consent, or to object to the processing as aforementioned

10.6 Data Restriction: You have the right to request MAT to restrict processing your Personal Data during the period of examination on your objection request, or when it is no longer necessary, MAT must erase or destroy your Personal Data pursuant to relevant laws but you can request MAT to continue store it on the purpose of establishment, exercise or defense of legal claims.

10.7 Data Rectification: You have the right to rectify your Personal Data to be corrected, updated, completed and not misleading.
The exercise of rights above may be restricted under relevant laws, and it may be necessary for MAT to deny or not be able to carry out your requests, such as to comply with laws or court orders, public tasks, your request in breach of rights or freedom of other persons. Although MAT will inform you of the reason, if MAT denies the request. Either providing you pursuant to your request or deny your request, MAT will response to your request within 30 days from the day that MAT receives all documents regarding MAT’s procedure and has completely verified your identity.

Moreover, you have the right to complain to Personal Data Protection Commission if you believe that the collection, use, disclosure, or denied response to your request, regarding your Personal Data is violating, or not in compliance with relevant law.

In this regard, you can proceed to apply for various rights through the channels outlined in Article 12.

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12. How can you contact MAT and the Data Protection Officer?
If you have any suggestions or inquiries regarding collection, usage and/or disclosure of your Personal Data as well as a request to exercise your rights under this Policy, you may contact MAT and/or the Data Protection Officer via the following channel:

12.1 In case that you wish to exercise your right set forth in this privacy policy, please click to download Data Subject Request Form via website: and send the completed form with documents confirming identity through these 3 channels;
12.1.1 send via mail to

12.1.2 registration letter to MAT’s head office. The Personal Data Protection Officer Material Automation (Thailand) Co., Ltd. 191/78 CTI Tower, 12th Floor. Ratchadaphisek Road, Klongtoey Subdistrict, Klongtoey District, Bangkok 10110

12.1.3 Contact to get form and submit in person at MAT’s head office as specified in clause 12.1.2.

12.2 In case that you have suggestion or inquries regarding this privacy policy, you may contact our Data Protection Officer via telephone number at 02-2615100 or email: