System development service & tools


MAT is working on various IT system development, such as small-scale development, additional functions of existing systems and etc. We are also introducing and selling application tools that can be used to operate IT systems more efficiently. Please contact us for tailor-made IT system development.

System Development Service

MAT development example

  • Expense budget management (Prachinburi)
  • Purchasing management (Nakhon Ratchasima)
  • Stock control by Handy Terminal (Chachoengsao)
  • Factory Visualization (Ayutthaya)
  • Inspection management by Tablet PC (Amata City Chonburi)
  • Product shipment management with QR cord (Prachinburi)
  • Cost control system (Samut Prakan)
  • Manufacturing results by Kintone (Pathumthani)
  • Sales and stock management by Kintone (Bangkok)
  • Manufacturing history management (Ayutthaya)

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Ultra-high speed development tool

What is WebPerformer?

Ultra-fast development of web application with non-programming. Make an innovation in web application development with an auto-generation tool.

WebPerformer is originally from Japan that has been delivered to more than 1,000 companies. This ultra-fast development tool boasts No. 1 share in Japan.

You can automatically generate 100% multi-browser compatible web applications without programming.

For development, define database information, screen information, business flow in parameter format, intuitively design screen by drag & drop, It is possible to generate and output design documents such as definition documents and specifications.

Due to the uniform quality by automatic generation and quick release, the development period has been greatly shortened. The introduction of Web Performer, an ultra-high-speed development tool, strongly supports the IT conversion of Thai companies. In addition, the company introduced in Thailand has switched from system development to in-house development, helping to reduce costs and development time.

  • Automatically generate sophisticated web applications with high operability
  • Strong support from design to its operation verification
  • Provide intuitive development screen
  • Designed specification documents can be created and output
  • Equipped with external linkage function

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Enterprise Application Integration Tool

What is DataSpider?

DataSpider Servista is an enterprise application integration (EAI) tool that enables businesses to connect applications and databases of all types without coding. It can handle large volumes of data, helping you bridge the data gap and unlock the potential of your data.

MAT has already installed this system to many companies and earned many experiences with data linkage support in Thailand.

Key Features

– Connect any data: DataSpider Servista seamlessly connects cloud applications, on-premises databases, and even your legacy systems. Eliminate data silos and manual data transfer headaches.

– Easy and intuitive: With DataSpider Servista’s user-friendly GUI, you can configure data workflows with drag-and-drop simplicity, no coding required.

– Fast and efficient: The system features high-performance data processing, allowing you to access real-time data, make informed decisions quickly, and drive business growth.

– Empower BI: Solve data fragmentation and gain a holistic view of operations. Gather accurate and timely data for business intelligence and advanced analytics.


DataSpider Servista for Businesses

– Seamless connectivity: With over 40 pre-built adapters, connect to all your applications, from Salesforce and SAP to legacy systems like AS-400 and SQL servers.

– Unmatched security: DataSpider Servista prioritizes data integrity, adheres to strict security protocols, and operates without modifying existing systems.

– Scalability for growth: As your business grows, DataSpider Servista scales with you. Its flexible design accommodates future growth and connectivity needs.


User friendly with just drag-and-drop, plus over 40 pre-built adapters for your selection.


High-speed data processing for immediate use.


Remains flexible when working with different protocols. Canceling or redirecting a connection to an adapter is effortless.

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Data visualization tool

What is MotionBoard?


“Valuable information” that connects data to actions Visualize people, things, and all kinds of data that creates a business story

Motion Board is a BI dashboard that transforms the unsophisticated data around the companies into the valuable information.

It is using GUI design that can be set by intuitive operation and its data is compatible with various data sources. Received data is processed in real time.

It can be visualized in a simple and dynamic way by being analyzed according to the required form.

Rich charts for visualization, analysis and advanced analysis logic are provided as standard.

Many companies in Thailand are using it for collecting and visualizing field data.

In the end, it has become an important tool for connecting to analysis and sales strategies.

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Data Recording and Reporting tool

The best digital form solution for your business.

Turn your paper forms or Excel into digital forms.

Introducing i-Reporter

i-Reporter is a paperless system for recording data and generating documents in the production line. It transforms the traditional format into a digital one.

It holds the top market share in Japan.

And is favored for use by over 3,500 companies across various industries.

In Thailand, currently, there are more than 60 companies using i-Reporter.

Are you someone who has to deal with these problems?

Making Daily Reports
-There are difficulties in collecting information, verifying accuracy, and entering data into the system on a daily basis.

Quality Inspection
-Uncertain if quality inspections are conducted according to standards and within the specified timeframes.

Problems Reporting
-There is a delay in reporting the problems and the resolution process takes a considerable amount of time.

Equipment Inspection
-Even if abnormalities are detected in the equipment, immediate corrective action may not be possible.

Inventory Management
-The quantity in the inventory report differs from the actual stock of products.

Internal Auditing
-Internal audits and compliance with ISO and HACCP often involve a significant amount of time spent managing paper forms.

Enable i-Reporter to enhance efficiency, streamline processes for quality, reduce errors, and cut costs.

-Improve the reporting process ⇒ Reduce recording errors, decrease the time spent on tasks, significantly cut down paper waste, and enable remote work.

-Enhance inventory management and warehouse control ⇒ Prevent input errors and delivery mistakes with easily understandable visual data to ensure accuracy.

-Improve the efficiency of maintenance and repair tasks ⇒ Real-time data transmission is possible.

-Enhance efficiency in remote work ⇒ Create categorized accounts for reports with the ability to easily attach images.


The new format of ‘On-Site Reports’ involves recording and searching reports through the integration of digital data entry and handwritten reports.

  • The paper or Excel forms regularly used can be transformed into digital forms while maintaining the format of the original report forms.
  • It features a library function that allows for searching relevant information while filling out forms, such as work procedures and drawings.
  • It has comprehensive and efficient functions that work seamlessly both online and offline. In case the working area lacks a signal, the system still functions.
  • Manage reports in a database format, easily collaborate with backend systems. It also has functions that support permission management, data logging history, and security.

With modern features and continuous development, i-Reporter not only facilitates smooth workflow processes but also significantly reduces costs for the organization.

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