In recent years, the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) has been enforced in Thailand, and corporate security measures are becoming more indispensable than ever. In this regard, MAT provides optimal security measures to our customers based on our extensive experience and wide range of solutions in Thailand.

Anti-Virus WithSecure

One of our product WithSecure is an antivirus product that can be recommended for all enterprises from small and medium-sized enterprises to large enterprises, which realizes high detection rate and low cost introduction. This product is using cloud based server system. You don’t need to prepare own server in the office and the latest definition file can always be delivered effectively.

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Information leakage measures HENNGE One

Best solution for Cloud System Secutity

★No.1 Market Share in Japan★

Installed in approximately 2,400 diverse industries

In this era, where employee productivity directly impacts business outcomes, it is crucial to enhance individual capabilities and increase productivity.

HENNGE believes that cloud services that enable a free and flexible working environment are indispensable for improving productivity.

HENNGE One is a cloud security service that supports both “security” and “convenience,” allowing employees to efficiently utilize cloud services from anywhere.

It includes the “IdP Edition,” which enables integration of IDs/passwords across multiple cloud services such as Microsoft 365, Google Workspace and Box, as well as measures against unauthorized access through access control.

It consists of two editions: the “E-Mail Security Edition,” which incorporates a wide range of email security features such as targeted attack countermeasures and incorrect email delivery/auditing support.

HENNGE will continue to support companies in utilizing cloud services with various functions and uphold our corporate philosophy of “liberating technology.”

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Secure data transfer HULFT

HULFT is the data logistics middleware that can manage incoming and outgoing data which stored in IT system, such as sales data, customer information, and log data generated in corporate activities. It is equipped with various functions such as character code conversion which can be used as the basis of a business system. This system can also manage the various files on the different servers, platforms, and coding systems. Those are delivered safely and reliably using the industry standard TCP/IP protocol.

  • Certainty

  • Multi OS

  • Automatic

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IT operation management (security management) JP1

Nowadays, IT assets have been more complicated and diversified. JP1 (JP1) is an integrated IT operation support tool that comprehensively manages all IT devices and systems. We support customers from various angles such as IT asset management, system operation management, business automation management, etc. It realizes IT operations that do not depend on manpower.

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