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NX is a Siemens engineering tool used in manufacturing industries around the world. Covers everything from design to simulation and manufacturing to achieve digital twins. It provides powerful support from sales to introduction of NX, which is also widely used in the Thailand manufacturing industry. MAT as a authorized distributor of Siemens in Thailand, we serve customers in several areas for more than 15 years especially in Industrial Estates in Bangkok, Chonburi, Rayong and other provinces all over Thailand.

MAT provision services

Experienced MAT engineers
provide support for security

  • Introduction support
  • Training

  • Operational support


  • From entry to high-end use packages are available for selection according to business.
  • Utilization product and process knowledge bases to leverage industry best practices and accumulate your experience.
  • The use of CAM-bundles enables unification of CAD/CAM data and increases operational efficiencies.
  • High-performance CAE modules capable of predicting product performance provide seamless analysis results. Helps improve development speed.

Overview of NX CAD

Overview of NX CAM

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Creo (Creo) is a high-end CAD that boasts numerous deliveries to automotive, electrical, precision, and construction equipment manufacturers around the world.  Models created in Creo can leverage a variety of Creo applications and data without losing their intended designs. By providing a high degree of interoperability, you can shorten the whole product process.

Creo Features

  • Wide variety of design functions covering all production processes, including industrial design, conceptual design and detailed design, production design and manufacturing.
  • Not only in design (CAD) but also in manufacturing (CAM) and analyse (CAE)
  • It is seamlessly linked to a data management system (Windchill) for effective use of design data.
  • Subscription licenses make it easier to buy and operate on a planned basis.
  • This service is widely available in industrial parks throughout Thailand, including Chon Buri and Rayong.

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CAD Doctor

CAD Doctor is a de facto standard for 3D data conversion and utilization tools.
This desktop tool combines the conversion, verification, correction, and shape optimization functions necessary to effectively use the data.

CAD Doctor Features

  • High-precision data conversion, PDQ verification, correction, and unique shape-processing technologies support the utilization of data from development to production with rich functions, including reverse engineering functions that enable automatic creation of 3D data.
  • It also supports reverse engineering, which automatically creates three-dimensional CAD data from measurement data obtained from a three-dimensional measuring machine.
  • To eliminate the barrier between the realistic world and the world of three-dimensional data, and to connect the product lifecycle exactly as a cycle.

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