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The F-Secure product family includes policy management, network encryption, desktop firewall with intrusion prevention, anti-spam, parental control and anti-virus products. Individually these products provide specific, focused protection and enhanced business confidence. Together, built on the F-Secure Framework Architecture, they provide end-to-end security of both the corporate headquarters and the widely distributed mobile workforce.

F-Secure product are for home computing, small and medium sized businesses and enterprises .The products are available for handheld devices, laptops, desktops, file servers, e-mail servers and gateways.

Information Security

Hitachi JP1

JP1 (Job Management Partner 1)

IT Compliance Desktop Management

By capturing diverse IT asset information, such as installed of hardware and software, usage status and user operations and initiating actions based on this, JP1 helps maintain the security level in the organization and reinforces corporate compliance in operational management.
・Software Distribution and Inventory Management ・Integrated Asset Management ・Client Security Management


Hibun is the information security system to prevent leak of information through various IT products by encrypting the important IT data.


ALog ConVerter


Released originally in September 2005, ALog ConVerter is an agentless (non-resident program) access log management tool. ALog ConVerter takes a server event log and looks for file access, domain logins, and other activity, providing all-in-one proprietary analysis and file compression for long-term storage. It realizes low cost and efficient log management as ALog ConVerter collects log data from the server side where the vital data is stored. ALog ConVerter has been adopted by more than 2,600 corporations

Network Security



Fortigate is the next generation integrated firewall solution to ensure internet security of your company network.


Firewall Secure Service Gateway (SSG)

Juniper Network “ Secure Service Gateway “series equips security , routine, LAN/WAN connection function. Hence it is a high performance next generation smart firewall VPN product. It is designed for all kind of customers from Large enterprises to SOHO.

SHIELD Secure Remote Access Package

SHIELD Secure Remote Access Package

SHIELD Secure Remote Access Package is VPN software which ensure the secured remote access. It allows to design and construct PKI ( Public-Key Infrastructure ) based on Digital certificate. It is an ideal to deploy for J-Sox control and IT internal control.


Illegal View

Illegal View System continuously records your monitor screen through 24 hours without fail. It enable to realize very effective and strong security system by copying Screen image constantly to Server.


I-Switch automatically allocate transmission data to the most available network.

Thus, it enables you to enjoying stable and efficient internet connection.


By just Connecting to your network, i-Capture records all network data without fail.

i-Capture is a bridge connect network data capture device which is totally in compliance with Thailand computer criminal act requirements.


Using Easy Setting guide, all you have to do is just only to connect. Then it alerts or disables all illegal connection to the network.
It monitors intra- network ,If illegal PC and network devices are connected to your intra-network. it issues warning and disable the connection.