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The Internet of Things (IoT) creates new values and business models by utilizing data acquired from objects.

 Industrial IoT (IIoT) used in industrial applications is an essential technology for digital transformation (DX) and smart factories in the manufacturing industry.

IIoT is an indispensable technology for digital transformation (DX) and smart factories in the manufacturing industry.

 IIoT is the driving force to accurately understand the current situation, reduce costs, maximize profits, and create next-generation services that are differentiated from those of competitors.

 The IIoT is the driving force behind the creation of next-generation services that are differentiated from those of competitors, such as operation management, environmental monitoring, overall equipment efficiency (OEE), and equipment maintenance, all of which are indispensable for Industry 4.0, which is said to be the fourth industrial revolution.

These can be visualized by utilizing the vast amount of data collected by IIoT.

An accurate understanding of the current situation will help reduce costs, maximize profits, and create factories that are more efficient and flexible in their production.

 In Thailand, a number of factories are aiming to become smart factories using IIoT to create next-generation services.

MAT provides IIoT implementation support services to meet such customers’ demands.

Five Steps of IoT Use

Case Study

IoT Case Study

Thai Takasago Co., Ltd. provides complete engineering solutions for air conditioners. Most of the customers are factories. In addition to taking care of the air conditioning system, the company still has an idea to extend the service even more in order to better meet the needs of customers.
The IoT system that MAT proposed and co-developed until it became LOMA has helped Thai Takasago’s customers from various industries such as Food Industry, Electronic components, Energy, which these companies require special air conditioners because the air affects the quality of the customer’s product. Currently, customers use LOMA services in many areas of Thailand such as Bangkok, Pathumthani, Chonburi, Ayutthaya, Rayong and other areas in the industrial estate zone.

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Tecnomatix is a digital manufacturing solution that realizes innovations in businesses by linking all areas of manufacturing from product development to process layout, process design, process simulations, process validation, and manufacturing execution with product engineering.

Navigate Digital Twins of Your Production Facilities

Commission Automation Systems Virtually

Perform Human-Centered Design and Planning

Offline Program Robotics & Automation

Understand the Impact of Dimensional Variation

Synchronize Process Design to Deliver Better Plans

Conduct Assembly Simulation for Virtual Process Verification

Optimize Production Logistics & Material Flow

Configure the Layout of your Digital Factory

Tecnomatix Features

  • By designing assembly lines and equipments in a 3D environment and digitally configuring them, the plant space can be optimized and verified prior. Furthermore, by utilizing assembly simulation, the entire process time can be reduced or shortened, thus improving productivity.
  • You can optimize machine utilization and labor requirements to view resource utilization and improve manufacturing accuracy and efficiency.

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Teamcenter is a global-standard product lifecycle management (PLM) system.

Throughout the planning, design, and production phases, product information is centrally managed to speed up the development cycle and achieve high productivity. This enables us to respond flexibly to changes in the market

Adaptable PLM Foundation

Bill of Materials Management

Change Management & Workflow

Document Management & Publishing

Manufacturing Data & Process Management

Mechanical Design Management

Model Based Systems Engineering

Product Cost Management

Visualization, Digital Mockup & Virtual Reality

Teamcenter Features

By managing and sharing product data and processes, and utilizing a variety of product information (such as manufacturing, quality, cost engineering, compliance, service supply chain, etc.), we can improve all processes from upstream of product development to manufacturing, sales, and maintenance, and satisfy market needs.

By utilizing Teamcenter functions, we can solve many problems such as design/development/product manufacturing quickly and accurately.

  • Design management/Design change management (supports multi-CAD)
  • Product Composition/Bill of Materials Management
  • Management of analysis information
  • Document management
  • Workflow
  • Product lifecycle management

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Integrating data from different enterprise systems facilitates data orchestration across multiple systems. Fast access to information allows teams to work faster, reduces time to market, and reduces costs. On the other hand, teams can focus on their own works, or innovation.

Windchill Features

Windchill is PTC’s PLM software that provides comprehensive functionality for managing products at all stages of the product lifecycle. It enables the management of all product content and development processes, from CAD data to technical data, and centralized management of distributed product information.

  • Different benefits that companies can gain from using Windchill.
  • Reduce development time and improve product quality by creating rules and implementing development operations
  • Make decisions faster by making changes to product information visible
  • Control and managing the bill of materials centrally to reduce workload and product costs
  • Transfer of technology by centralized management of know-how and knowledge

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