Case Study


Case Study

Let us introduce some actual implementation cases
in Bangkok, Rayong, Ayutthaya and Prachin Buri.

IT infrastructure

  • IT infrastructure (S Company)

    Our client company “S”, an electronic parts manufacturer in northern Thailand, has been managing and expanding the IT equipment by themselves for many years but recently it reached the limit of manpower. There are many security weaknesses, and damaged by malware attacks. Prior to the introduction of ERP, we have done a review of the entire IT infrastructure such as servers, LAN, PCs, firewalls and backups.

Maintenance service

  • Maintenance service (Siam Orient Electric)

    SIAM ORIENT ELECTRIC Company in Amata City Chonburi Industrial Park (formerly Amata Nakorn IP) has been using MAT's maintenance service since the introduction of production management system, accounting system and cost management system in 2011.


  • JP1(N Company)

    IT assets (PC / software) and their management are increasing year by year. Subsidiary factories in Sriracha and Korat have no IT personnel. This situation causes unintentional bring-in of virus or illegal use of software by employees. Japanese company “N” in Bangkok solves such IT management troubles with JP1.

Business solution

  • mcframe ERP (NSSPT) Accounting

    NIPPON STEEL Processing (Thailand) Co., Ltd. in Rayong Province has realized productivity improvement, speeding up business and quality improvement by introducingglobal accounting ERP system "mcframe GA"corresponding to local accounting system in Thailand.

  • mcframe ERP (Thai Shibaura Denshi) Production / Accounting / Cost

    Our client Thai Shibaura Denshi Co. Ltd. in Sing buri province has been able to eliminate the ordering losses and delays in delivery for using mcframe ERP system. By using 50 handy terminals, it has been realized real-time progress management.

  • mcframe CS・GA-ERP(SOE)Manufacturing/Accounting

    In case of SIAM ORIENT ELECTRIC CO., LTD. in Amata City Chonburi Industrial Estate (formerly Amata Nakhon Industrial Estate), they have been using our mcframe ERP system which operates production management, accounting, and cost management. They have acheived the standardization of operation know-how using this sytem systematically. MAT has succeeded to support the redeployment of job assignment and also made onsite staff revitalized.

  • mcframe CS・GA-ERP(KEW)Manufacturing/Accounting

    Our client KEW Thailand which manufactures electrical measuring instruments in the Navanakorn Industrial Estate, introduced a production management system and accounting system using our package software in a short period of time and succeeded in obtaining various management indicators in a short period of time. As a result, the points of QCD improvement have been clarified, and it causes to have delivery, quality, and cost competitiveness. Furthermore, it causes to surpass the competing Chinese and Taiwanese manufacturers along with the having of overwhelming cost competitiveness and shorter delivery times.

System development service

  • Web Performer (MC Metal Service Asia)

    MC Metal Service Asia (Thailand) in Amata City Chonburi Industrial Park (formerly Amata Nakorn IP) introduced Web Performer with the aim of rapid development of the "production schedule system" and elimination of personality.

Cloud solution

  • Thailand IoT case Study | Visualize air flow with data! Thai Takasago’s “LOMA”

    Since 2018, MAT did support, sale and introduction of IoT systems utilizing PTC's ThingWorx in Thailand. This time, we will introduce an example of the IoT system "LOMA" developed by MAT and sold by Thai Takasago. The system made it possible to visualize the invisible air and contributed to the product quality of the manufacturing industry to be introduced. Also, through appropriate air conditioning management, it has become possible to respond to energy problems, which is one of the "Sustainable Development Goals SDGs".


    This company is doing active in the front lines on consultant for the casting industry in Thailand. They have installed kintone with the aim of improving the work efficiency. It has succeeded to make a systematization of orders to Japan, status management, inventory and costs, etc. Most of the ordering works used to be handled by Japanese but now these can be transferred to Thai staff and it has been realized the steps of the ordering, warehousing, and costing can be seen.

  • Kintone (Seiko)

    When we consider the improvement of services, the most important thing is to store the inventory of the selling products which consumers want to purchase are always available in the shops. SEIKO (Thailand) Co., Ltd. uses kintone to build a sales system and inventory management system. They used to spend a huge amount of time before using it. Input sales and stock data on tablets from stores in Thailand, such as Bangkok, Korat, Khon Kaen. Thereby, it enables various sales analysis.

  • AWS (File Server)

    Our Client Company “K”, an automobile parts manufacturer in Amata City Chonburi (formerly Amata Nakorn), has moved its file server to the AWS cloud in order to reduce management and operations. At the same time, we have made a data sharing and teleworking environment with other business locations. (AWS : Amazon Web Services)

  • AWS (Secure Website)

    Our client “M” company, a technical trading company in Bangkok, has been reconstructed a secure website on the AWS cloud. because the head office of Japan pointed out the weakness of the website. (AWS : Amazon Web Services)